ACTIVE Exhaust doesn’t just offer individual products; we provide the ultimate in custom end-to-end solutions. Each tailored application that we produce is informed by advanced research and development methodologies derived from more than 50 years of design experience, meticulous testing and innovative manufacturing. From design to production, we utilize this expertise and our APQP discipline to deliver our customer’s unique applications, meeting even the most stringent of compliance regulations.

Whatever your specific needs are, we use our extensive knowledge to design and deliver a wide variety of custom product solutions.


When designing tailored emission solutions, we use a focused integration approach to compliance. This maximizes performance and reliability while optimizing acoustical performance, reducing harmful emissions, and minimizing cost. Our emissions products include:

  • Flexible couplings
  • Double wall and integral tube solutions
  • Engine exhaust device interface solutions
  • SCR mixer and catalyst technologies for common fuel engines


Careful consideration of engine performance informs all of our product designs. We aim to optimize emissions, power and fuel consumption.

Power Dyno Chart


Thermal management maintains, reflects, dissipates or simply absorbs exhaust gas heat to application requirements. Our thermal management products include:

  • Structural and light-weight integral insulated products
  • Shielded product solutions
  • Aspiratored exhaust and cooling diffuser technologies
  • Increased EGT solutions


Our sound-level reduction products deliver superior tonal quality. These include:

  • Sound attenuation and tonal quality solutions
  • Resonator technologies
  • Spark arresting technologies
  • Exhaust stacks and tailpipe solutions
  • Advanced tunable resonating