our culture
Our Culture

Our culture and people are everything.

We work to foster a healthy and flexible work environment where our people are put in positions to succeed. It's a priority for us, and we are always working to improve.

The result is an exciting, energetic workplace that is always supportive and always looking to find a better way forward for everyone.

Our Values

The right values make all the difference!

They inform decision making, guide interactions, and help drive everything forward.
At Active Dynamics, our values are our foundation.




Every problem has a solution, and every challenge can be overcome. We take purposeful steps to employ a creative, progressive approach that's centred around teamwork.




Working closely with our customers and partners helps us better understand their situation, and understanding is the first step towards being able to build effective solutions.




The world is always shifting and changing—you can't stand still! Being able to anticipate change, pivot, and adapt is necessary in order to achieve success on any level.




Each and every one of us is invested in what we do. That means taking ownership over your work in order to deliver the very best possible outcomes in any situation.




An environment built on trust and support is one where people perform their best. Every one of us has something to contribute—we believe in you!

Diversity and Inclusion

Active Dynamics is a truly global company

Making sure that our team is representative of the countries and communities we serve is very important - whether that be Europe, Southern or Eastern Asia, India, North America, or elsewhere.

Each team member's unique perspective and experiences are important. It shapes who we are as a company.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As a global, multicultural company, our strength is the diversity of our people. Our culture embraces employees with care for their well-being, the flexibility to live their lives, and support to grow in their careers. At Active, we are proud to provide a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds and values.

Social Responsibility

It's important to be engaged with the people and places that surround us


That's why Active Dynamics takes meaningful steps to give back and support the local communities. This includes working partnerships and philanthropic efforts with multiple organizations, including non-profits, community groups, youth programs, and more.


Helping our people grow and succeed.

Active Dynamics is committed to being competitive in this ever-changing professional world. We want everyone to make the most out of their work and life. To help achieve this, we offer favourable and flexible compensation and competitive benefits packages.


Working towards a better world for us all.

Active Dynamics subscribes to the idea that there's always a better way. That means taking a progressive, responsible approach to sustainability and social responsibility.

As an organization, we deliver products that reduce emissions—both acoustic and exhaust. Our work is inherently beneficial to the world, but it's important we go further. Everyday operations and the way we do business must be examined and improved. Currently, our operations around the world are engaged in practices designed to support the environment and community, including recycling, water conservation, social program support, competitive benefits, and professional growth opportunities.

Career Opportunities

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We invite you to make a difference in the world