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Needs and demands are always changing - globally, we continue to ask more from our tools and equipment.

Active Dynamics is a progressive OEM supplier that designs, tests, and manufactures unique solutions for multiple systems and multiple industries.

These full-service, end-to-end capabilities are paired with a collaborative, creative approach, global reach, and agile structure to offer real-world benefits in terms of turnaround time, cost, service, and customization.

We're always growing, always evolving, and always finding new ways to bring meaningful value to our customers and partners.






Dedicated Associates

Dedicated Associates


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Our Values

The right values make all the difference!

They inform decision making, guide interactions, and help drive everything forward.
At Active Dynamics, our values are our foundation.




Every problem has a solution, and every challenge can be overcome. We take purposeful steps to employ a creative, progressive approach that's centred around teamwork.




Working closely with our customers and partners helps us better understand their situation, and understanding is the first step towards being able to build effective solutions.




The world is always shifting and changing—you can't stand still! Being able to anticipate change, pivot, and adapt is necessary in order to achieve success on any level.




Each and every one of us is invested in what we do. That means taking ownership over your work in order to deliver the very best possible outcomes in any situation.




An environment built on trust and support is one where people perform their best. Every one of us has something to contribute—we believe in you!

Active Dynamics Group

Active Dynamics is a fully integrated, responsive organization that covers the entire spectrum of OEM considerations—small to large, start to finish.

Discover unparalleled quality, collaboration, support, and speed to market by partnering with an agile organization that includes multiple companies and divisions.

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global customers

Offering real value that makes a real difference.

Companies from all over the world trust Active Dynamics to help them move forward. This includes some of the most influential and important names in North America, Asia, and Europe across multiple major industries.

Each customer and each project is different, with unique market considerations and specific performance requirements.

By taking the time to understand each individual goals and challenges, we can develop solutions that help address immediate needs and still serve the big picture.


Global Locations

From design to delivery, collaboration and the right resources distinguish our global network, enabling us to tailor technical solutions to the needs of our customers.


Working towards a better world for us all.

Active Dynamics subscribes to the idea that there's always a better way. That means taking a progressive, responsible approach to sustainability and social responsibility.

As an organization, we deliver products that reduce emissions—both acoustic and exhaust. Our work is inherently beneficial to the world, but it's important we go further. Everyday operations and the way we do business must be examined and improved. Currently, our operations around the world are engaged in practices designed to support the environment and community, including recycling, water conservation, social program support, competitive benefits, and professional growth opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

As a global, multicultural company, our strength is the diversity of our people. Our culture embraces employees with care for their well-being, the flexibility to live their lives, and support to grow in their careers. At Active, we are proud to provide a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds and values.